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the rapids1897
heavy 1480kt
light 646kt

water power flash-version


Water power
Tiina Tuulasvaara-Kaleva

Dams and wooden flumes directed the water streaming in the rapids to the turbines of the factories. The power axles turning with the power of the turbines transferred the movement to the actual production machinery. It was most economic to place the power transmission machines on top of each other, so the banks of Tammerkoski started to fill with tall factory buildings made of red brick. It is true that the factories did not run when the water was low, as the streaming of the rapids was not yet regulated in the nineteenth century.

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The triumphal march of electricity in Tampere began from Finlayson in the 1880s. Five decades later, the power of the rapids had been harnessed to four power stations; Tampella and Finlayson had theirs in the upper part of the rapids, the city's electricity plant ”ground electricity” in the middle, and Alavoima Ltd operated in the lower part of the rapids, owned jointly by the factories located there.

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